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Published biweekly (no promises)

Past Issues

Catch up on all the ODD News you might have missed!

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Our Domicile Daily launches! ODD delivers “all the excitement of pandemic life in one easy read.”  In this issue:  the challenges of power-washing the deck, bicycling ups and downs, news from the kitchen and the basement, tips for surviving the pandemic, and a special section on the weirdest words in the NYT Spelling Bee.


In this issue: Wife changes her part, fungus invades the front lawn, bee stings husband, news from the garage and the second floor, more pandemic survival tips, and introducing “What You Said”, commentary from our incisive readers.


New issue, new home, new frequency -- Our Domicile Daily (published biweekly—no promises).  Read all about: strange sounds in the kitchen, buying the wrong mangos, stuff breaking down, news from the living room and the yard. New features include “About Us”, our handy new “contact us” button to send us your thoughts, and a button to subscribe! 


Read all about: Clean clothes awash in tissue bits, ants in the sink, news from the kitchen table and the front porch, the art of staring blankly into space, and watching Cardi B’s and Megan Thee Stallion’s WAP video along with James Corden’s parents!  


Another action-packed issue including:


Toilet Paper!

News from the Catskills and the fruit bowl!

Plus tips on Zoom, mask storage and of course the Weird Word of the Week and "What you said!"


Our pre-election issue features:

Pandemic Jealousy!

News from the Ocean and the Husband's Inhaler

The Politics of Coloring

What's happening in Danish educational TV

Weird Word of the Week and coining a new word: "Pangramista" 

yelling man.jpg

Our Year-End DOUBLE issue!

Intra-residence Communication

Shopping news!

Cauliflower - it's not just for eating!

Weird Word of the Week and ODD Bee house rules

and there was one more thing....oh, memory lapses!


New Year TRIPLE issue!

Domestic Herbicide

Vaccine Nightmare

The rise of the sheet-pans

Some seriously long words

and our new "Do-Watch" list

GOODBYE HAND_edited_edited.jpg

Our (probably) final issue!

All the post-pandemic highlights including:

Fun Ideas, Surprising Trends and Americans on a Spending Spree

Are YOU ready

and introducing "The Husband in the Kitchen"

And don't forget to subscribe!

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